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Welcome to the 5G PLANET project website

The fifth generation of mobile networks, otherwise known as 5G, has far greater capabilities than previous generations and opens the way to a multitude of new services. However, its usefulness is still unknown to the general public, and sometimes to businesses. This new generation is much more complex than the previous ones, which also complicates its adoption. 

What is 5G-PLANET?

In this context, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has created this platform, called 5G-PLANET, with the aim of making as many people as possible aware of these new communication technologies, and by taking the example of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility to illustrate different usage scenarios. This platform is currently trying to answer three questions related to 5G and mobility, using tools and methods that are more conventionally used by the scientific world. In the future, it is expected that this platform will be further enriched with content up to 6G. 

This project is co-funded by the Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy of Luxembourg.

Why connected mobility?

Mobility-related applications rank near the top of the multitude of potential vertical sectors for 5G application development. According to the 5G Observatory Quarterly report in 2021, among the top vertical sectors in the EU with 5G trials, the transport sector has the most (34 trials), followed by automotive (24 trials) - only media and entertainment has more. This is why connected mobility is regarded as one of the most prominent use cases for 5G deployment in European transportation pathways.

Video: 5G-PLANET introduction